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How it Works

✍️ For creators

StampFans is a way to connect with your fans and get paid along the way.
Create a publication, then share your link with your fans. They pay a few dollars per month (you set the price) to join your mailing list and receive any snail-mail you send.
To send mail, just upload a document. We’ll mail it to your subscribers. You keep everything earned over $2/month per subscriber.

📬 For subscribers

StampFans is a way to support your favorite creators and connect with them in a personal way.
Spend a few dollars per month to join their StampFans and get any snail-mail they send — real ink-on-paper mail, from them to you.
Creators set their own fee, and they keep everything you pay over $2/month.
“I send a personal letter to my fans every month. They absolutely 😍 it! It's a powerful way to connect with them. And I'm making $600/month!" - Dana Rey, novelist and blogger

Top creators

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Connect in a personal way.

There's nothing like getting a real letter in the mail. Your audience will love it!

Get paid for every subscription.

Set your own monthly subscription fee. Keep every dollar you earn over $2/month per subscriber.
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Own your work, always.

On StampFans, you own your content and your mailing list. You can leave and take it with you anytime.

Join today and start getting paid.

With StampFans, there's no limit to how much you can earn. So let's start writing!
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